Alison Nichol-Smith

I’m a professional copywriter, and an amateur comedy and verse writer.


I’ve won a few poetry slams, and been a guest performer at open mics and poetry events across the West Midlands. I’m also an occasional gag-writer for Radio 4 comedy.  


I’m into wit, satire, brevity, form and subtlety. Writers I wish I were include Jane Austen, Will Self, and almost every other member of Bridgnorth Writers Group.


Click to hear a poem/song that was written in response to October 2020's BWG theme 'Square'.



When Jung 

Was young

And employed  

By Freud

His written italics 

Grew strikingly phallic.


Being psychologists 

And amateur graphologists,

Both viewed this aberration 

As signifying a subconscious fear of paternal castration.


But then 


Jung may just have been using the wrong pen.

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