Lizzie Prudence

Lizzie Prudence moved to Bridgnorth from North Norfolk in 2012 and soon joined the group.  


She writes short pieces of fiction, some poetry but mostly haiku, after being inspired by David Bingham.  Lizzie has set haiku for voice, performing with Greenwood Haiku at the International Haiku Conference in St. Albans in 2019, and is a regular speaker at poetry events in The Midlands.


Lizzie never leaves home without a notebook.

For Hillary November 2016


A woman, drained

by tiredness of talking

bruised from an onslaught of lies,

comes to the end of the day.


She fingers her hairbrush

then fluffs out her hair.

She washes her face clean

removing the mask

revealing the strain.


She carefully unbuttons

her cornflower blue suit,

gives it a shake then hangs it to air

along with her dream.

Lizzie pic..jpg