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Ian M Parr

Hello, I’m Ian Malcolm Parr.  

I live in Ironbridge with my partner Ann, having lived in Shropshire, North Wales, Cheshire, Devon and Lancashire since 1965.  I was born in Bolton, although brought up and educated in Manchester.  I retired as a mechanical engineer and manager in the chemical industry in 2010.  


I published my first collection of poetry, Singing Tomorrows, in 2020.

I’ve been writing poems and songs since my teens. Around a hundred poems have been published in anthologies in print and on-line. 

I have read widely to poetry groups around the North West, Midlands and Wales and I have organised and compered poetry readings in Whitchurch and Chester.  I’ve appeared on local radio and written and presented series for BBC Radio 2.  I’m closely involved with Chester Poets and Cestrian Press having co-edited several anthologies including “Stones Have Their Own Language” a co-operative work with St Helen’s Church, Northwich. 


In my teens I became drawn towards English Folk Music, particularly traditional versions of songs.  I remain committed to my ideal that poetry – my verses – first and foremost should retain traditional elements, be musical and be narrative form or lyrical.  


My poem “Autumn – after Rilke” was long-listed for the 2019 Poetry Society National Competition.

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Angels in the Hedgerows – Reflections on John Clare 


Ask if poets have such simple faith

and you reply in nightingales,

woodland and enclosures where

labouring people lived and starved.

Not all was beauty not all impoverishment.

You paid our dues

leaving us a legacy poetry of the moment,

reflections in the clouds that crossed your mind.

Most of all you left us love.

A world better for your being,

garlands and pockets of song,

voices of birds, angels in the hedgerows,

saints who toiled in fields

they would never own. 

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