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Kay Yendole

I am currently working on: a children’s book called Joshua’s Globe based on my grandson’s never ceasing fascination about the world; a soap opera that hopefully will be good enough for TV; and two memoirs about my Mother and my Father which ties in with my research at The Genealogy group of U3A. 


I am also known locally with Amateur Dramatic Societies for writing murder mysteries and comedy revues. Also with two other writers from Hightown writing group we have just completed transcribing Mary Webb’s story The House at Dormer Forest which I am hoping to produce as a radio play sometime in the near and clear future. In between I write nearly every day, poetry or prose, for the four writing groups I belong to.


I have published WINK, a set of poetry and short stories, contributed to a novel Scars of Deceit, and to several sets of group poetry and short stories with my writing groups.

There is still the best seller to write of course, and it’s in my head and in my dreams, but not on paper yet.  Writing everyday keeps my mind active and hopefully in there is something worth preserving even if it is only my family and friends who ever read it.

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